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Mt. Takasaki: A great place to see Japanese monkeys in the wild

Did you know that in the area adjacent to the popular Umi Tamago Aquarium there is a special spot where you can have a very special experience? Takasakiyama Nature Park is a unique place where you can see many Japanese macaques that have been released into the wild. It is said that this is the only place in Japan where

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Beppu Ropeway: See the Best Nature Views in Beppu

Beppu is the perfect place to admire the changing colors of the four seasons. Nestled between sparkling Beppu Bay and volcanic mountains, the city is blessed with a diversity of natural beauties. For the best view of these scenic wonders, there is no better vantage point than from the Beppu Ropeway. What is the Beppu Ropeway? The Beppu Ropeway is

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Beppu for Beginners: An Introduction to Beppu’s Best Attractions

Beppu has long been known as one of the best hot spring towns in Japan. Today, tourists from all over the world, as well as across Japan, come in seek of its mineral-rich hot springs and enchanting scenery. Even after centuries, Beppu continues to charm travelers with its natural attractions – and this charm only grows, as word of its

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