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Escape and Relax at Bettei Haruki in Beppu

Bettei Haruki in Beppu is a relaxing hot spring inn located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I recently stayed there and wanted to share some of the many highlights of my visit!  Arriving At Bettei Haruki After a short drive into the mountains near Beppu, you arrive at Bettei Haruki. Pictured above is the entrance, which

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A Unique Sightseeing Experience in Beppu: Yunohana-goya in Myoban Onsen Hot Spring

Yunohana-goya in Myoban Onsen is a great tourist spot not far from the center of Beppu where you can get a close look at how hot spring ‘flowers’ are made. There is a souvenir shop, restaurant, family bath, and an outdoor hot spring bath, so it’s easy to spend a whole day there. Here, we’ll introduce some of the points

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Experience Beppu’s Volcanic Wonders at Bozu Jigoku

Beppu boasts the largest number of hot springs in all of Japan, each volcanic beauty aptly named ‘Hell’ due to its boiling water and otherworldly appearance. One of Beppu’s many famous hot springs is Bozu Jigoku, also known as Monk’s Hell or Shaven Head Hell due to the bubbling mud resembling the top of a monk’s shaved head.  Even though

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Hoyoland Onsen: A Unique Mud Bath Experience in Beppu

Some of the world’s most famous hot springs can be found in Beppu, Oita. Every year, hot spring enthusiasts flock to this coastal city to soak in mineral-rich water and rejuvenate the body. Notable among these famous onsens is Hoyoland, a hot spring resort where the order of the day is heavenly relaxation. What is Hoyoland? Hoyoland is a hot

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Beppu Hatto: An Easy Guide to Beppu’s Hot Spring Districts

With the second-highest number of hot springs in the whole world, it’s no wonder travelers call Beppu a hot spring paradise. Across Beppu’s eight districts, 2000 hot springs and over 200 hot spring facilities can be found offering rejuvenating onsen baths. If you like the sound of soaking in hot mineral-rich water, then allow us to introduce you to Beppu

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Beppu for Beginners: An Introduction to Beppu’s Best Attractions

Beppu has long been known as one of the best hot spring towns in Japan. Today, tourists from all over the world, as well as across Japan, come in seek of its mineral-rich hot springs and enchanting scenery. Even after centuries, Beppu continues to charm travelers with its natural attractions – and this charm only grows, as word of its

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